A boy named Roman and his 6000 mile search for his brother and sister


Search for Sergey

Searching on Long Island

Roman's right

Siblings have an independent right of visitation with each other under New York law.  The Family Court Act S. 651.  Domestic Relations Law S. 71. DRL S 71.  There is a presumptive state interest in ensuring that siblings have adequate contact with each other. Olivier A. v. Christina A., 9 Miisc 3d 1104 [A] (Sup. Ct. Suffolk Co. 2005)

Parents of adopted kids have a practical power to withhold information.  That kind of denial can effectively prevent a child from exercising a right to see a sibling or seeking confidential exchanges of medical information.   Roman needs to find his siblings first.  One alternative is to seek publicly available information.  So Roman is looking for help.

There are 127 school districts in Nassau and Suffolk counties on Long Island.  There are approximately 200 private schools.  There are dozens of Russian speaking helpers and caregivers who assisted families of adopted Russian children around 2006.   There are sports coaches and music teachers who might have known Roman's siblings.  There are likely lots of families with kids who have known a brother, 18 last May, and sister, turned 17 in January, who came to a place on Long Island around 2006.  Their first names have been changed.

If you can help Roman find his brother and sister, please contact him through this web site or his email: roman@searchforsergey.com.